Dr. Sandra R. Bell a.k.a. Sandra D. Roberts

Dr. Sandra R. Bell a.k.a. Sandra D. Roberts

Since the day I was old enough to write on the wall in crayon and then have to clean it all off, I have been honing my skills as a writer. It is always a joy to assist an organization, whether faith-based, public (government), private, non-profit or formative in telling, and yes, selling its story. I enjoy assisting everyday people in making a case and pitching their story, as well as facilitating positive relationships for others with the media. I love helping to inform the average person or a special target audience, "WIIFM, what's in it for me, " whether it is on a program, law, policy, news event, business or social activity. I have many years of experience in the entire world of communications, marketing and external affairs. Most recently, I served with the External Affairs Office of FEMA in Puerto Rico, responding to the disaster caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

My work history includes serving both in front and of and behind the camera, writing for broadcast, social media and all forms of print. Developing video products from news stories to documentaries and creating web casts, power point presentations and marketing kits.

I thrive in an environment that includes research and investigation because I know how to identify, source and acquire funding, and am not afraid of numbers and statistics. I love writing about business. My areas of specializations are health communications and development as it relates to infrastructure, public works and community development, locally, regionally and internationally.

Whether its for print, video or any form of today's electronic or social media, I am both the wordsmith and storyteller, as well as advocate and producer, working tirelessly to turn your concepts into reality. These are my gifts: I allow you to concentrate on what you do best, and let me manage the rest. Check out selections of my varied writing materials here. Reach out and let's discuss how my capabilities can meet your needs for your next project, large or small.

Expertise Creator and/or facilitator of programs and marketing-communications initiatives, research, and projects that drive, influence and sustain change, action, growth, and profitability or results. Speaking and writing in “plain language,” with a judicious selection and use of compelling images, and relevant content, formatted into blogs, success stories, interviews, reports, newsletters and proposals and analyses of issues, maximizing local, state, regional, national and global impact. Implementer, via appropriate social and other media, the sharing of research, information and expertise on historical, present and emerging trends, news, regulatory affairs, geo-political, and economic environments and emergencies, for targeted audiences. Expert at leveraging resources and team efforts and results via collaborative, qualitative approaches.

Skills Proficient skill using MS Office Word, Excel. Strong problem-solving skills, basic accounting principles knowledge, documentation skills, research and resolution skills, data analysis, detail oriented and multi-tasking skills. Knowledge of contractual and financial practices, policies, and procedures as necessary in the completion of daily responsibilities. Certificates in Emergency Management, Basic Economic Development, OSHA and Safety Hazard Training, and ROMA (results-oriented managment).

Location Atlanta Metro, South Fulton, GA


Email sandrabellphd@gmail.com

Phone 404-375-5067