Back from the Brink

Black Enterprise Magazine, 1999 http://www.blackente ... the-brink/

When the only black bank in South Carolina was closing its doors, Benedict College's President and 49 other investors, put their money where their mouth is.

SBA: Hype or Help

Atlanta Tribune, April 2000 http://file:///C:/Us ... 20Hype.pdf

The small business administration was designed to assist all small business owners to obtain financing, contracts and training. The article examines how well it does or doesn't do that.


Women Power in Business

Vision Magazine, 1999

Industry experts credited South Carolina's ability to form alliances among entrepreneurship, government, education and industry with achieving its outstanding business results, this article profile four women who represent each of these sectors.



Viva la Mali

Wordpress, Dec. 3, 2015 https://girot.wordpress.com/2015/12/03/viva-la-mali/

Mali terrorism is just as important as when it happens any other place.

ODA: Don't stop in the Middle

Extractive industries like oil inflate a country's per capita income, making it seem middle income, when in reality it is still a developing nation and direct assistance can still be beneficial for both the giver and receiver.

Can Ghana avoid the Hydro-carbon curse?

https://www.academia ... rbon_Curse

Ghana is deemed by many to be the most progressive and safest country in Sub-Saharan Africa. Will the discovery and production of oil cause it to regress and fall victim to the same predatory practices that have plagued so many of its peers across the continent? How can the U.S., particularly black



Global Exchange

Spring 2001, Volume 1, April 2001

Quarterly newsletter for state-funded international trade organization.


The Green Truth

Newsletter emailed to contractor's assn., 07-01-2016

Newsletter and tips for going green.


Potential Famine Threatens Northeast Nigeria

Newsletter for association, September 2016

Briefing Memo on Humanitarian Crisis related to food security in West Africa



BWETS: Black Women Entrepreneurs Taking Stake

Women's Entrepreneurship, Vo1. II, 2014 http://www.academia. ... arketplace

increasing numbers of black- owned companies, which according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2007 economic report, jumped 60.5 percent between 2002 and 2007. More significantly, revenues and employment at black-owned employer firms grew faster than those at white-owned companies.This chapter consist


James Baldwin's Worldview on an Endangered Species: The Black Male

2014 https://www.academia ... Black_Male

Baldwin wrote about the systematic and institutional perils as well as real life traumas, during the Atlanta missing children episode of the 1980s.  His work could be snatched from today's headlines given the lack of recognition that "Black Lives Matter." I content in revisiting Baldwin's work and l



Stay In the Game

Wordpress, November 16, 2016 https://girot.wordpr ... -the-game/

It's not about whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.

Human Interest

Staying in a Child's Place

Writers Digest contest 2000

Back in the day, children knew how to mind their manners and stay in their place, and if they didn't, somebody would provide them with correction. A coming of age story that resonates to all who came of age during the late 1960s to mid-1970s.


Dragged Through The Mud

Keeping the Faith, Smiley, 2002, 2002


The Hype Over Today's Toys

Atlanta Metro Magazine, 01-08-2018



Introducing GML

various, 2015 http://www.gmlge.com

Marketing presentation for international business consulting firm


Opportunities in West Africa

NASBITE conference 2001, 2001

Presentation on business opportunities in West Africa.